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Get PS Vita Hacks Online

PS Vita lovers can enjoy reading this piece of information! Yes! Now you can enjoy unlimited hacking and gaming with absolutely useful PS Vita hacks available online. The best part about these hacks available at the code psn gratuit is that they are absolutely free of cost and you don’t have to worry about the code expiry and regeneration.

Here is a list of useful PS Vita hacks that really works for any updated version of the console PS Vita:

  • Adjust light brightness – The screen brightness of your OLED PS Vita can be quickly adjusted amidst the game play without disturbing your game progress. You don’t even need to pause your game to adjust the brightness of your OLED screen. All you have to do to adjust the brightness is to press and hold the PS button in your console. Now you will be shown an option to adjust the screen brightness and can quickly adjust it without any game pause.

  • Screenshots made easy – Earlier in PS Vita you cannot take a screenshot of your game progress without affecting the gameplay. All you have to do is to click the PS button and hold the start button along with it. Now a white flash appears on your screen along with a shutter sound. This way the screenshots will be successfully taken and the photos will be stored in your photo gallery automatically.

  • Increase the game quality – In your PS Vita you can now play more than 275 games in HD quality. The best part is that they are free of cost and you don’t have to purchase these games. A simple setting change can enable you to play the games in HD. Click the settings menu and then choose the option bilinear filtering and color space to increase the game output in HD.

The best way to get free PS Vita hacks online is to subscribe for a good code generator. With the help of the code generator one can get quick and easy access to the Playstation Store. From the PS store one can get unlimited access to the free games and game level available. Install PSN code generator online and they work well with both Windows and Mac system. With the help of active internet connection, unlimited codes can be generated and used instantly. You just have to fill a simple online survey to get the list of PS Vita hacks and tricks online.

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